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Renewable Energy

Need financing for your renewable project or utility? We can structure complex solutions, across the risk spectrum, to meet your needs.
We have seen a significant shift towards renewable energy. Many renewable projects, particularly on the wind and power side, have reached grid parity over the last ten years, becoming more efficient and cost-effective thanks to advancing technologies. This is an exciting time for businesses in the energy sector, and we’ve had the privilege of partnering with many companies on the cutting edge of new technology in renewables.

Through our Power group, we finance projects for contracted assets as well as secured renewable and energy utilities with a regulated rate base. We offer capital across the risk spectrum, structuring complex transactions over a diverse set of renewable energy generating technologies, including hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, and solar, as well as battery storage.

As a dedicated investor in the power markets, we are constantly monitoring how technology is changing, and would like the opportunity to talk with you about your vision for the future of energy.
our people

A fast-moving industry needs fast-moving capital.

“The future is bright for renewable energy, and we’re excited to be a part of it. We’re looking forward to what’s in store for our partners, because we know it’s going to be great.”

senior vice president
Typical size
  • Senior Debt: US$20 – US$200+ million
  • Mezzanine Debt: US$10 – US$30 million
  • Equity: US$10 – US$30 million
Typical uses
  • Specific projects within the renewable energy sector
Structural characteristics
  • Emphasis on project finance, utilities, and electric cooperatives
  • Investment grade and below investment grade, fixed- or floating-rate debt, mezzanine, and partnership equity
  • Emphasis on contracted assets and return on rate base
Issuer benefits
  • Flexible capital for unique situations, across the risk spectrum
  • Borrowers can expect to have consistent access to capital throughout market cycles
  • Construction and term-lending with custom amortisation up to 30 years
Portfolio Companies
We have an investment portfolio of US$9.2 billion in the power industry as of 31.3.22.
Meet the team
Ty Bowman, CFA
Vice President
power & renewables
Parag Patel, CFA
Vice President
power & renewables
Ingrida Soldatova, CFA
Senior Vice President
power & renewables
Lauren Soulis, CFA
Vice President
power & renewables
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