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Pricoa Shelf Facility

When opportunity strikes, be prepared. A Pricoa Shelf facility provides companies with fast and efficient access to capital, flexible structure and terms, and competitive set-up and all-in costs, making it an exceptional financing vehicle for a wide variety of uses.
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Pricoa Shelf Basics

Hear Jennifer O'Neill-Mardokh, Rhiannon Ledger, Francesco Ascoli, Ed Barker, Thomas Krausser, and Michael Jones share how companies can utilise a Pricoa Shelf to invest and grow more opportunistically.
A Pricoa Shelf facility allows you to access capital when you need it, without having to go through a lengthy documentation process. Business moves fast, and opportunities can pass by quickly; a Pricoa Shelf facility is an excellent way to prepare yourself ahead of time. While the capital is not committed, it is legally documented up front, so that if an opportunity arises, and you have a borrowing need, you can quickly access capital from us. Thanks to pre-approval, we can respond very quickly to individual draw or loan requests.

With a Pricoa Shelf, the rate indication is updated frequently after pre-approval, and the coupon is set shortly after a draw request, typically within several days. Funds are delivered just as quickly; usually within just a few weeks. A typical Pricoa Shelf facility has a three-year horizon, during which you can make draw requests for a multitude of reasons, like an acquisition, a refinancing need, or growth capex. It's especially helpful in times of market volatility, when other financing sources may not be accessible. And best of all, you can customise your draws to fit your needs, whether it's different tenors, different currencies, or different amortisation profiles.

If you want the peace of mind that the capital you need will be available when you need it, a Pricoa Shelf might be a practical and strategic financing option for your business.
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Business moves fast. Shouldn’t your capital keep up?

“We‘re a partner who will be opportunistic with you – making the capital you need available for that acquisition you want to make or whatever comes your way.”

julie langdon
Vice President
Typical size
  • US$10 million - US$300 million
Typical uses
  • Risk management
  • Refinance debt
  • Lock-in fixed rate
  • Interest rate averaging
  • Expansion and growth capital
  • Acquisitions
  • Opportunistic stock repurchasing
  • Diversification of capital sources
Structural characteristics
  • Can choose payment terms for each draw – customised amortisation schedule and maturity
  • Multiple draw capabilities – interest rate averaging vs. timing the market; customized debt to meet your operating objectives
  • Draws can be funded in most major currencies
Issuer benefits
  • No underwriting or registration fees
  • No facility fees or unused commitment fees
  • No agent fee
  • One-time structuring fee to establish the Pricoa Shelf
  • Low issuance fee, payable at closing of each Pricoa Shelf draw
“We continue to work with Pricoa Private Capital because of the ease of doing business with the shelf offerings. If we need to have an expansion or if we need additional capital, it's a very simple transaction, and we know that Pricoa will be there for us.”
Michelle Lewis, Chief Financial Officer, AAA Cooper Transportation
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